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User Info: appleturnover87

4 years ago#11
bd0g5 posted...
Right now TU Reach > Halo 4
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User Info: Bloodmoon77

4 years ago#12
I enjoyed Reach a lot more. Halo 4 is more flashy but it's so broken it's ridiculous.

User Info: SlaveZero40

4 years ago#13
So hard to Decide since I loved playing Reach on MLG settings.
Can't decide. Love both.
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User Info: Flow_149

4 years ago#14
Eh. . .if you ask me a lot of things beat out halo reach. =/

User Info: Scooby510

4 years ago#15
Halo 4 all day erry day
GT: Ayy Scooby
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User Info: Cerbz

4 years ago#16
bd0g5 posted...
Right now TU Reach > Halo 4
GT: Makes It Rayne
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User Info: jwhudexnls

4 years ago#17
I prefer title update reach over halo 4, but yeah halo 4 is much better than Reach was at its release.

User Info: gameslicker

4 years ago#18
in my opinion, i like (TU) reach overall more than 4. bunch of stuff in 4 i didnt like:

1. the enemy designs. elites and grunts especially look terrible
1.1 armor customization, honestly, i think the recruit's armor looks better than most of the other ones available
2. multiplayer unlocks, dont get me started on this one
3. spartan ops, i liked the originality of the idea but that's about it
4. ordinance drops/weapons showing up on HUD, one of the last things that made halo different from other fps's is now officially gone
5. no invasion game type. i know, i know, many people didnt like/played invasion back in reach but i sure as heck loved it and was very bummed when it didnt return

User Info: DSquarius

4 years ago#19
From: bd0g5 | #006
Right now TU Reach > Halo 4


Better playlists, maps, and customs.
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User Info: jesse_skater

4 years ago#20
Mlg reach IS way better than every part of this game
XBL: Jesse I3aker
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