Does anyone actually care about Spartan Ops?

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  3. Does anyone actually care about Spartan Ops?

User Info: thatguy181

4 years ago#31
It's better than nothing, but I'd rather have Firefight.

User Info: sravankb

4 years ago#32
The main problem with SpOps is that it lacks pacing or good level design of any sort. Everything is balls-out action at every second. The impact of taking down a phantom or a hunter wears out after doing it several times in a row.

Reach's firefight mode was good in this respect since it started from basic enemies and slowly built it up to the elites. GoW's Horde mode does this even better by adding strategy and teamwork into the mix. SpOps, on the other hand, has none of these.

And it doesn't help that the dialogue is just cringe-worthy. It feels like it was written by some 14 year old who's trying too hard to be cool. Plus, the constant bashing on scientists is not just lame, but repetitive as all hell.

Heck, if it weren't for the "eggheads", Spartans wouldn't exist. Neither would space travel, communication systems, Spartan armor, GUNS (FFS), etc etc. It's this BS jock mentality that just gets on my nerves.
6 MONTHS!? Jesus that's a long attention span... I'm lucky if I can pay attention for more than

User Info: skaterX

4 years ago#33
Firefhight was way better.
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  3. Does anyone actually care about Spartan Ops?

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