Co-op campaign on heroic?

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User Info: docholliday504

5 years ago#1
Trying to finish up a few more achievements would like to co-op if anyone else is as well. Already soloed legendary so I'm really looking to play heroic but I'm flexible if someone was only looking to play legendary.

Will be available till 12 central (1 am Est).
Wii Number: 2350 5528 3593 6022
PSN ID: docholliday504 Gamertag: docholliday504 Now Playing...Madden 2013, Dark Souls, Halo 4

User Info: SpongeBob_SP

5 years ago#2
I only need the two co-op achievements, so I would like to join. I'm ready to play whenever. GT is Fenix Undying
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