Lets face it, we lost to CoD

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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
4 years ago#41
In sales? Of course. CoD is released on every major platform. Halo is released only on the 360. When you limit your market, you won't earn as much as the guy who opens his product up to every single market available. It's why first party games are foolish. Yeah, they might sell a console to a few people, but you're going to sell a TON more if you just made it for everyone.
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User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#42
I'll gladly play 2 more hours of ODST. If you thought that was a bad game, you have no taste.

We didn't lose to CoD, parents lost to their children by buying it for every 12 yo in the nation.
The only people on my FL who are playing BO2 are my little brothers friends.

Generation Z is the new leading consumer of video games. I swear it's a 20:1 ratio for younger kids to mature players
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User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#43
ElderPredator12 posted...
I didn't lose anything. I'm still playing the game out of this pairing that's actually good. (Halo)

Same here.

There's nothing wrong with this game. The only thing 343 didn't get right was the specialization thing by not having them available to European players, otherwise they've done a great job in creating a great, fun game that I still enjoy playing despite the idiots finding every minor non-issue to complain about.
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User Info: pcmike2

4 years ago#44
I think halo fanboys are angry about cod more than cod fanboys are about halo. If you go to the black ops 2 board now, you won't see a topic about halo for the next 100 pages. Also, they don't care about halo competing with cod or w/e, they discuss the game itself.
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User Info: A_Hairy_Waffle

4 years ago#45
Halo and Battlefield need to take a page out of Neo's book.

"Stop trying to hit me and just hit me".

That's right. 2013 Matrix reference right here.

User Info: _Ness_

4 years ago#46
Played COD a few times, not my thing.

As long as Halo continues to make money, they'll continue to put out games which have, atleast to me, the better story.

And that's good enough for me. I have no reason to pick up COD, none of my friends play it.
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User Info: Ultima_Wraith

4 years ago#47
A_Hairy_Waffle posted...
Halo and Battlefield need to take a page out of Neo's book.

"Stop trying to hit me and just hit me".

That's right. 2013 Matrix reference right here.

How can you quote the matrix when.... you... cannot.... speak
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User Info: Marvel_Man

4 years ago#48
It's not really about quality, because I feel like even in it's current state Halo 4 is a much better shooter than CoD, it's more about giving up the id of the series.

You know how every shooter was ripping off Halo with regenerating health and only being able to carry 2 guns, not taking a care about how well it fits into their game? That's what Halo is like now.

It's like when the Go Bots vs Transformers debates (humor me, I know most of you weren't even born) ended when the Go Bots appeared on Transformers as secondary characters.

Yeah, Halo is almost at that level.
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User Info: CKnight

4 years ago#49
Everything this entire generation lost to CoD. CoD is so huge top Japanese franchises like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy tried to mimic it.

Yeah the biggest JRPG franchise around tried to mimic the pacing and action of CoD.

Halo will always have its place. FPS Halo fans looking for an epic story with aliens, super soldiers, alien tech & weaponry and vehicles will never find it in CoD.

User Info: krazyninjaman3

4 years ago#50
We did lose to Cod. All of us. Let's pick it up and not let it happen again for next time folks.
Until Sony finally distributes the Purple Knight DLC for Castle Crashers (Like they were supposed to), i will be switching to XBOX 360 for everything.
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