Lets face it, we lost to CoD

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User Info: Radiant_Sol12

4 years ago#51
The Halo community is awful. They complain about the stupidest things and hate change.
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User Info: gnosox1986

4 years ago#52
Didnt read all the responses, but this is my two cents....

both games have had downturns in MP playability. I get it, when you have such high points (end of H2, and MW2) its hard to live up to it in every title. H3 lived up and did good, but Reach and H4 missed the ball. Just as COD: BO was a servicable title, but MW3 and BO2 are just bad.

CoD may have the stonger following, but thats just a bunch of 15-22 year old following the herd. H3 had that same type of herd following... but after COD4: MW had good reviews, people jumped to COD for MW2. Its been a COD market since. That said, the SP in BO1, MW3, and BO2 are just bad. Halo has had atleast decent SP and MP value in every title. So COD can have the herd.

I will still play both games, but the FPS community is not what it once was in general, and that is just sad.
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User Info: xninjagrrl

4 years ago#53
Interesting. I havent even played BO2 yet. However, I stopped playing H4 a few weeks after it came out.
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Cons: So was the tank.

User Info: CKnight

4 years ago#54
Radiant_Sol12 posted...
The Halo community is awful. They complain about the stupidest things and hate change.

Every community have its nit pickers and vocal players who complain about changes, just saying Halo community is dumb and being rather naive.

CoD community have been complaining about changes since MW2 ranging from some perks, support perks and death bonuses as well as a heavier focus on smaller maps and run and gun style play.

FF fans complained about FF13, nuff said.

Tekken Tag 2 community has vocal complainers over the heavy focus of juggles, high damage attacks and bloated move list.

MvC3 has vocal players who complain about X-Factor, one button being used solely for launchers and so forth.

GTA has vocal complainers who hate that the game toned down the over the top aspects in GTA4 and felt the game was boring.

I can go on and on.

Odds are you yourself even complained about changes in a game series you enjoy. And Im sure no one will believe you if you said you never, ever complained. Not once. Its only convenient that you probly didnt complain about Halo 4 and feel the need to ride your high horse.
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