So is this best Halo game like IGN said?

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User Info: nativengine

5 years ago#11
It's a solid game but is also flawed in the multiplayer aspect in some ways. Campaign is fun but doesn't have any replay value IMO. For me, in regards to most games, I come for the story and stay for the multiplayer. This is not the case for this Halo, I bought it for the multi and have been routinely disappointed and the story really meant nothing to me either. There are games that came out this year that are far worse then this(BLOPS2)but as far as the best Halo? Hell mother f***ing no. In fact, I'd say its my least favorite.
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5 years ago#12
Hard to say whether it is the best. Halo 2 was quite amazing for all the things in brought with it, and they are still building off that template. However, I personally think this is a better game overall than the Halo's that have come before it, even though that is not at all the consensus on this board at the moment.
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User Info: A_Hairy_Waffle

5 years ago#13
IGN is dumb as hell. Reach had the best balance of gameplay and story.

User Info: NovaLevossida

5 years ago#14
9.8/10 is much, much too generous for a game with so many flaws and such terrible online support.
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User Info: LinkIsSpartan

5 years ago#15
People still take IGN seriously? Halo 4 is definately NOT the best halo game. In fact, its far from it. The storyline is nothing spectuclar, kinda predictable. The environments were mostly more of the same with the exception of a couple of levels. The MP aint good either. It feels too competitive. The maps should of been bigger. No BTB objective because 343 obviously catered more towards cqc combat. based on the map design. The maps have too many chock points and too many obstacles. Jetpack becomes necessary. Most of the AA's are also useless.
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User Info: appleturnover87

5 years ago#16
CKnight posted...
I say raising it a bit because theres more high powered weapons being used.

Wheres the skill being the only enhanced armored character in a match with the sole rocket launcher? Or one of the only snipers?

no. just no
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