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User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#11
bhaalsmasher posted...
Yeah, this is the most fun I've had with Halo since 3. Not quite sure what all the *****ing is about.


Only remove the part about 3 being fun cause 4 is the first Halo game I've enjoyed and not felt like a chore to play.

I think I played too much of it though the last few months cause I'm getting bored so hopefully in a week or two, I can continue and reach rank 56 and beyond.
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User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#12
bhaalsmasher posted...
Yeah, this is the most fun I've had with Halo since 3. Not quite sure what all the *****ing is about.

This is the Halo Community. They'll complain about anything.

As for the actual topic, I agree, Halo 4 is great.

User Info: SlaveZero40

4 years ago#13
KeFkA666 posted...
ROFL at people complaining about boltshot and DMR sniping. Get good at the game if you are fooled more than once by the guy spamming with a boltshot you deserve to be killed countless times. And i dont even use the boltshot i think i have 8 kills with it total out of 800 games played.

I don't constantly get killed by the Boltshot but many people like you love when a loadout gun can nullify a close range power weapon.
The Boltshot is far better than the other two pistols in a cheap way.
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User Info: ipath1987

4 years ago#14
I agree, this game is slowly pulling me away from black ops 2.

User Info: esqueleto76

4 years ago#15
+10 points to Gryffendor for this topic. Halo 4 is awesome


4 years ago#16
Fantastic game, yes, BUT...
3 big issues for me:
1) Lag/hit detection. Often, when I die, it looks like just one shot killed me, when in fact it was several. However, instead of registering those hits in real time in my game, they seem to all hit at once, so I don't know I'm being shot at until I'm already dead. The game also has way too much freezing and random teleportation. It is insanely frustrating to be about to assassinate someone only to have my target vanish.

2) The join-game-in-progress function is a major and overdue improvement, but it's broken. In big team, lost players are replaced almost immediately, but in regular Infinity Slayer, if two of your teammates leave at the start of the match, you don't get new teammates ever.

3) Killcams. Epic freaking fail. The whole point of the killcam is to show me how I died, so I'm sitting here wondering why most of my killcams show something that either didn't happen or absolutely shouldn't happen. For example, when I get killed in a DMR duel, it shows the enemy missing with every single shot while I'm shooting in a completely different direction.

Half my killcams don't even show me on the screen at all! I'll die randomly, think "What the heck just killed me?", and then watch the killcam show my supposed killer spraying assault rifle bullets into a wall. Either he's using some kind of crazy mod, or the killcam is a purely fictional little clip that's just there to screw with me.

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