Halo 4 Double XP... I now have a LOT of it to gift to others...

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User Info: Rockeign

5 years ago#11
It'd be much appreciated if you can toss me a few my friend.

User Info: Syxx676

5 years ago#12
Well, apparently, it seems that they switched it to an interface where I have to select a Facebook friend to gift them to...

Before, I could just enter a Gamertag. I'll look more into this.

User Info: BROTH3R_H00D_

5 years ago#13
May I please have one good sir? I'll be your BFF =D
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User Info: TaintedMetal

5 years ago#14
If you have any left, I would appreciate a few codes.
GT: NuclearRevolt

User Info: franktheman1

5 years ago#15
i would love some too :)
GT: Penguin Donut

User Info: godWhisperer

5 years ago#16
i'd love some double xp if you've still got some! thank you!
-what's in my styrofoam? S-Y-R-U-P-

User Info: Reklaw X

Reklaw X
5 years ago#17
Free points being given away still? I'm bout 30matches away from my max
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Its a chain I go get and beat you with till you understand whos in command here."

User Info: ReclusivHearts9

5 years ago#18
If you are still giving out Double XP id love some
GT: ReclusivHearts9


5 years ago#19
casuals LOL
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxNhLlXaQMY my 2nd reach tage!

User Info: Jaasce

5 years ago#20
I'd like some, if you don't mind :)
GT: Jaasce
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