Why do you play SWAT?

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User Info: galv0

4 years ago#51
Smackdowner1 posted...
I don't.

If I wanted to play Call of Duty, I'd go play Call of Duty.

If I wanted to play Call of Duty, I'd put my big boy pants on and play Counter-Strike.
Noobs -_-

User Info: SpiduxxudipS

4 years ago#52
From: SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY | Posted: 1/15/2013 11:29:46 AM | #060
Those who can't play MLG play default settings.
Those who can't play default settings play SWAT.
Those who can' play SWAT play Grifball.


Grif is fun in of itself as long as you treat it as a different game than Halo. GOD!
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User Info: SlaveZero40

4 years ago#53
To me, Swat is only decent when I'm in a party who actually does callouts and tell where they've have died. I don't really fool with SWAT it's mainly about getting the jump on someone.
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User Info: Blue_Chevalier

4 years ago#54
I like SWAT for practicing Ninjas on Complex. 24 so far.
They are similar, yes. But like your girlfriend and your sister, someone is gonna be pissed if you mix them up.

User Info: Clickclakblaow

4 years ago#55
1 - Swat does remind me of original halo CE. We used to play all pistols & no shields sometimes and it's really fun

2 - as someone who doesn't have too much time to get into the game, swat is an easier mode to learn (not master), because there's no weapons/vehicles/power ups. it also helps me learn the maps for when i can eventually get more into the classic modes.

3 - it's really fun, takes a lot of strategic and reflex skill.

I personally wish they made a swat playlist with the other game types also... so swat ctf, swat koth, swat regicide, swat big team battle, ect..

User Info: Total_Reverse

4 years ago#56
SpiduxxudipS posted...
My last post wasn't about SWAT, my last post was about why it's not a good idea to bring the Dev's into a discussion about anything:

If that was what the devs actually believed SWAT wouldn't be a game type.

I think bringing the Dev's into any discussion as a means to prove a point is a mistake for obvious reasons.

Unless the point you're trying to prove is how alienated the hardcore Halo community is.

Please, list the obvious reasons for me, Oh Great And Knowledgeable One.

See, stopped talking about SWAT and started talking about the Dev's. Why? Because someone mentioned that if the Dev's actually believed 'X' then 'Y' wouldn't be in the game. That's absurd by the number of changes they have made to Halo that made the hardcore community (you know, the non-fickle *****es that actually stick to the franchise and don't go playing whatever new pretty game is out) feel alienated.

Point being: Don't bring the Dev's up to help prove positive things about this game, they've shown that the only people they care about are casual fans - the same fans that will turn around and buy the next COD game or BF game until H5 comes out, where they should be listening to the people that play Halo every day (or most days at least) and have played Halo since the beginning, the ones that have kept this franchise alive.

Well, I'm no where near a casual player by your standards then and I don't feel alienated. And I play maybe 3 other games besides Halo, heck the only CoD thing I own is Cod: 4 MW but I got it because it was 20$ and I wanted to see why my friends sang praise of it. I played it, was slightly fun, but I stick with Halo through thick and thin. I may not have been there at the beginning but I wish was. I might not have gotten every game when they came out, but I got them all. I would go on, but I already wrote a speech like this a long time ago.

TO ALL: If you want to play Swat with me, my GT is in my profile but I won't have XboxLive till Saturday because my friend is being a dick and won't give me the right code. So shoot me a friend request and I'll add you, though I would prefer it if you include something like "GameFaqs" so I know for sure.
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User Info: Lightb0y

4 years ago#57
MightyDiesch posted...
for the magnum kills commendation


User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#58
I think the reason people seem to think that SWAT takes more skill is because they don't have the easy-to-use automatics or 150 power weapons dropping everywhere, so it appears to (and even may) take more skill than low level slayer games.

Basically, people that think SWAT takes more skill don't play against good players in regular slayer.
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User Info: Total_Reverse

4 years ago#59
ssj3blade posted...
Like the wall of text described, I play it because it's the fastest reaction based mode I know in a lot of games. I like having to be fast but accurate at the same time. Loads of other reasons too.

From: Total_Reverse | Posted: 1/15/2013 5:33:00 AM | #011
on IS you just need to shoot a total of about 9 shots to kill

LOL u can't 5 bro?

Sorry it took me so long to reply.

I just guessed 9 because I forgot how many shots it took. Yes I play SWAT a lot, but I don't use a DMR in slayer. I also couldn't look it up because I can only have 1 tab open.
As he gazed upon his creation, he thought not of the success it would harvest, but of the deaths it would reap in the end - Me
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User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#60
I like SWAT because it helps me practice using my headphones for awareness, and also helps me warm up my aim before I play some Infinity Slayer or an objective game.
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