Extra War Games Pass

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User Info: UK360GAMER1

4 years ago#1
Have a second pass code for War games since I won the limited edition, willing to trade it for 800 microsoft points or 3 months of live , can exchange codes

User Info: Ultima_Wraith

4 years ago#2
I will offer you a song of the fairest fields of splendor and my axe, bow, and sword in combat.
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User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#3
Can i have it for free. :) you know you want to.
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User Info: SpiduxLimitless

4 years ago#4
Hmm, all I have is one month.

Oh well, DLC's are crap anyway.
They call me Spoke Wrecker...
Thizz iz what it iz GT-Spidux

User Info: BeatingU2Death

4 years ago#5
can i have your gold trial =)
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User Info: FullMetalMega

4 years ago#6
If that is the case, It should have more stuff with the code I.E Specializations, Recruit prime armor and Assault Rifle Prime skin.
GT: Dark Guardian88
3DS FC: 1375-7986-1634

User Info: Killean_Nuggets

4 years ago#7
Ive got a 3 month code I can trade with you
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