243 on crimson map pack playlist =dlc fail

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User Info: Reverseisback

4 years ago#1
Man I feel bad because I love halo but they screwed up here!

User Info: Cunningedge

4 years ago#2
XBL: Crimson Mask

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#3
No, Capcom = dlc fail.

Microsoft made a dlc slip up, and 343 took fire for MS.
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User Info: Cpt_of_Industry

4 years ago#4
I think this dude is talking about how theres no players playing the playlist.

I run into the DLC all the time in regular playlists. It's really too bad players keep making this assumption that it sucks because nobody is playing the DLC playlist.

I mean, it DOES suck, but not as much as you think.
The Jersey Guy

User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#5
It is always this way with map packs. A game will have a playlist with all DLC maps, and it will be popular for the first few days, and then the playlist will have a low population because people get bored playing on the same 3 maps the whole time.

User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#6
The playlist population is definitely not a good indicator of hoy many people have and like the maps, because I fall into both those categories and haven't been in the DLC playlist for a week or two.
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User Info: TheIastspartan

4 years ago#8
Meh, the playlist might be dead, but at least DLC maps actually show up in other playlists fairly often unlike Reach.

User Info: NightTerrorX99

4 years ago#9
ssj3blade posted...
Casuals aren't gonna buy DLC when they play Halo for 2 weeks after xmas then drop it for CoD Blackcocks II

You could have been much more graceful in trying to insult CoD.
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User Info: Brendy_Boy

4 years ago#10
This DLC was terrible anyway. Why would anyone pay for bad maps.
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