Mlg Officially drops Halo 4

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User Info: Mr_arizona

4 years ago#51
Looking for at least 15 people to stick around and do random playlists with. If everyone else is leaving then the Halo universe will be ours.

User Info: bd0g5

4 years ago#52
ODomm posted...
BillyBob_21 posted...
I've never understood the hate towards MLG. People enjoy it because it is more competitive. Some people aren't very competitive, some people are. For those that are competitive, playing casually can get very boring. Competition is a rush. And you feel a nice sense of accomplishment when you compete at higher levels.

People say that MLG is stupid and that you shouldn't care so much about how you do at a video game. If that's so, then people also shouldn't care so much about soccer, football, baseball, etc. But of course they do. A true competitor lives to win and improve. Our most basic instincts tell us to be the best, improve, and keep wanting more, never to be satisfied. Many people also say, "Oh well being good at video games doesn't mean anything in real life." Sure, for 99.9% of gamers, playing video games won't give them any advantages in life. But it is a battle of intelligence. Who has quicker reflexes? Better problem solving skills? Creativity? Memory? Hand eye coordination? It is fun to test yourself out against other people and see how you rank.

So yeah, to some of us, MLG was pretty cool. It added a lot more excitement. Just look at how there is no ranking system. That alone makes me a lot less motivated to play this game.

I don't have a problem with playing competitively. However, 99% of "pros" have that holier-than-thou attitude that I find annoying. It's ironic, because they are playing a video game for a living.

Stop confusing the "I have MLG in my name so I'm a pro" people to the real pros. it's sad how some people are happy that this is happening just because they don't like other people.

User Info: MacDaMurderer

4 years ago#53
Only reason pros are moving to CoD is to make money.

You think if Halo 4 was still in MLG and had a big prizes like back then they would honestly move to CoD still?

User Info: SpiduxLimitless

4 years ago#54
I don't even know what you just attempted to say.
They call me Spoke Wrecker...
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User Info: SmittyBeans05

4 years ago#55
ODomm posted...
It's a good thing Pros are the minority of the Halo 4 community.
"It was Kovacs who said "Mother" then, muffled under latex. It was Kovacs who closed his eyes. It was Rorschach who opened them again."

User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#56
Sucks for the people who care about this, but since I don't, this has no effect on my whatsoever.

User Info: Cunningedge

4 years ago#57
o noez dis turable nuze!1!
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User Info: Pacman2dx

4 years ago#58
Won't this Virgin deal be over once someone wins that Warthog'd theme FORD Raptor, why can't MLG bring Halo back in during mid season .. I don't know much about MLG but it seems silly to get rid of it altogether when that competition won't last forever.
Who dares, wins.

User Info: iRGush

4 years ago#59
I don't get why people don't see this as a bad sign, halo has been at every MLG event except for 2 in all of MLG history, even reach got 6 events. It just furthur proves the game sucks
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

User Info: TwoStrikes94

4 years ago#60
i dont think its because the game sucks

and because there are still people in the world who cant understand why someone would choose to play the same game to make money and challenge themselves instead of jumping to every single new release spending 60 dollars a pop
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