Do you really think Halo is dead?

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User Info: chamber29

4 years ago#61
Halo 4 has not been my favorite game, and looking at some of the stats in this thread, I am not alone. If you don't agree and love it, that is perfectly acceptable, it is not a horrible game. There are some steps 343 could take to turn it around for me, mostly involving a change in playlists.

In the end, I will still probably buy Halo 5, hoping that the other changes they make, lead me to enjoy that game more. I believe I will not be alone in that either. So no, Halo, as a franchise, is not dead.
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User Info: Mr_arizona

4 years ago#62
I like it and my opinion is the only one that really matters in my world.

User Info: FreiFight

4 years ago#63
Kage I have one question. Do you have a site that charts how many people are on each day for Halo 4? Cause the two links you gave are not the same. The Halo Reach one goes by how many people logged in to the game that day and played online. The Halo 4 chart only gives you what the peak amount was at one time.

Now I am not saying Halo 4 could have the number Reach did, I don't think it does. But to compare peak time to daily total is unbalanced and doesn't give a clear picture.

As someone said before only 50k were on in the morning. This is to be expected. Heck is anything thats quite good for any game not called Call of Duty. But morning is no were near peak hours nor is rest of the day for the most part. Peak hours are normally around 8 pm est to about 1 am est (figured this is peak time as this will include west coast and east coast at the same time). As for the numbers CoD puts out, why is this a surprise? The game has become best selling game every year and sells something like 13M copies on 360 alone. Put another what 10-12M on PS3 and maybe another 8M on PC. I fully expect them to have insane number for online. Plus CoD is made for online mainly. Halo on the other hand has a lot of players who only play for the single player.

Just looking at the numbers sold for Reach and compared to how many played online each day. It shows a lot of people by the game just for the single player.
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