help with halo basics

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User Info: thedeerzord

4 years ago#11
I agree with the rest. Change to bumper jumper. And try to play the story from easy to heroic. Then go to war games and play tons of Swat. It will help train you trigger finger and make you learn how to get head shots.
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User Info: Incredigasmic

4 years ago#12
Treeybee posted...
im new to halo and xbox and in terms of halo 4 im completely lost. I got the game yesterday and i just played infinity for the 1st time as you could imagine it didnt go well lol if anyone could help teach me the basics that would be great my gamertag is treeybee shoot me a request or message. thanks

1) Find a controller setting you're most comfortable with. I personally rock Green Thumb.

2) Never run in a straight line and fire at an enemy. Mix it up a bit. Incorporate jumps, crouching, use the left stick to "strafe" to the right/left when you're in one on one or even one on two DMR/BR battles.

3) Don't try and kill all 4-5 team members by yourself. You have teammates for a reason, so run with them in pairs or even groups of 3.

4) Never stand still and snipe. EVER.

5) If you're playing SWAT then keep your sprinting to minimal if at all. You'll more than likely get floored before you have a chance to bring your reticle back up.

6) Use your mic and communicate as much as possible with your teammates so you know where the battles are going on at all times.

7) Don't get angry. The more angry and irritated you get, the more erratic and involuntary your movements become. Try and keep your cool even if the other team is pulling a head.

Let me know if you want any other help :) Add me if you ever want someone to play with on a consistent level.
GT: Incredigasmic
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