Can we all reach an agreement......

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User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#11
I agree. Halo is the only shooter than I enjoy. I would much rather play Halo 4 any day than COD.

User Info: ZeroSky

4 years ago#12
Drag_ZERO posted...
....that, okay, Halo 4 may have lost a lot of what made it feel like Halo, and it may not stand up to the glory of Halo 3 with regards to multiplayer, but it is STILL better than most of the multiplayer games on the market right now?

I suppose I can agree with most of that. Part of what bugs about is is how it doesn't feel much like Halo to me anymore. Thus playing it serves as a constant reminder that the Halo I preferred is gone, and likely won't be coming back. But on it's own, ignoring the "Halo" in the title, I'd still much rather play it than any of the modern military shooters out there. But when I'm in the mood for Halo, I stick with Halo 3. Or Reach now and then.
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  3. Can we all reach an agreement......

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