So I went back to Reach for a minute.

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User Info: __bale

4 years ago#61
lderivedx posted...
From: __bale | #044
what other major issues does reach have

Grenades decide to simply not bounce on some textures.

definitely true, 2 has better grenade physics than NBNS. though i think reach's grenades power is much better (2s are a little weak compared to reach, and i like powerful nades)
wow strafing tryhards, i always stand still so the bullets can hit me. Whenever someone trys to dodge my shots i know they're a virgin LMAO

User Info: ST_Zero

4 years ago#62
__bale posted...
gOwCoD4 posted...

Sounds like you hate the game.

Blackout, Avalanche, High Ground and Last Resort were good maps though. The others aren't that bad, but some are kinda garbage.

halo 3 is BY FAR the most overrated video game of all time. i used to always say it was halo 2, but that was back before all these h3 kids appeared out of nowhere and claim that its somehow the greatest game of all time. its ****ing terrible. its so so so so so so so bad. seriously there is not one single aspect of the game itself that was done well. at all. the matchmaking playlists were well done, but that is not the game itself.

Just because you were bad at it, doesnt mean its overtated. Halo 3 is by far the best game on xbox 360 and will continue to be untill the next gen console comes out.
One of the best at halo that graced gamefaqs. I give halo lessons for MS points, msg me.

User Info: Sahduk

4 years ago#63
KageNoSenshi posted...
#54 Sahduk Posted
Your point? A skilled player (i.e. me) knew that even if bad players (i.e. u) didn't understand it you could still control where your shots went. Full bloom? Aim for the neck. If you don't get a headshot you still do damage.

God damn it's like talking to a child that you've already hit and won't shut up about it.

The point is that you just proved my point. You could work with the reticle enlarging because the larger reticle didn't really force your shots to go out of control. So it still came down to just getting more shots in than the other person, as opposed to controlling your pacing and keeping the reticle tight.

It's like you're arguing just to argue.

literally JUST told you why this wasnt the case are you even a real person
"I got lost and a hooker tried to kiss me"

User Info: KageNoSenshi

4 years ago#64
Right, that's why you used shooting at full bloom in your example right? Because you definitely get to full bloom by controlling your shot pacing.

W/e bro. You're being silly.
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