This game would be so much better if there were more damn playlists.

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  3. This game would be so much better if there were more damn playlists.

User Info: TMoney650

4 years ago#11
enterthemadrox posted...
HartsCreekByGod posted...
It's been said 8 billion times before but I'll say it again.

I honestly like Regicide and Dominion and Infinity Slayer and all of the other new crap they added, but they're not good enough to warrant having absolutely no variety. If they added:

*Team Slayer (no ordinance, just normal-ass slayer)
*Team Doubles
*Infinity Doubles
*Big Team Battle
*added SWATball and a few other objective games to Team SWAT
*Rumble Pit (FFA slayer, regicide, headhunter, solo oddball, juggernaut, crazy king, etc)
*A no-loadout playlist (slayer and objective games without loadouts, ordinance, and armor abilities)

all that crap, in addition to what we have now, I'd be happy.

* Coming soon
* See above upcoming playlist
* Big Team Infinity Slayer
* Grifball coming soon
* Unsure but FFA Regicide is called.....Regicide

You're not very smart, are you? I understand you support 343; hell, somebody has to. But this post shows that you're not just a supporter, you're an out-of-the-closet fanboy. There is a difference between ”slayer without ordnance and loadouts” and ”SWAT”. From what I've seen in other posts, you don't understand why people want Rumble Pit, because ”they have Regicide!”. Stop sucking 343's d***, there's a fine line between supporting them and d-riding. At this point they could remove every playlist but Flood and you'd say they're doing a great job.

User Info: YellowPurple

4 years ago#12
Big team battle and big team infinity slayer are not the same thing. Big team battle has objective modes in it, not just boring tdm

User Info: Adamska

4 years ago#13
To hell with Regicide and Team Regicide.

Give me Lone Wolves. They can put Regicide in Lone Wolves if they are so intent on us playing the crappy gametype.

Put objectives back in Big Team Battle. I do not understand why they keep objectives out of the one playlist with the most players per team. They can put Regicide in if they want us to play the fkn thing again.

Put Team Snipers for the sake of would be snipers and overall sniper whores.

Keep Team Doubles.

Then they should put all objectives in one playlist like it always was.

F U 343. I like what you did with the game but the playlists are garbage.
"I prefer to call armour lock "an admission of failure" " - jimmytheballs
Xbox Live Gamertag - Blue Idiot

User Info: peabody43

4 years ago#14
I totally agree w this post. I hated regicide at first, but its a nice mixup game, BUT should not replace lonewolves! That's ridiculous. Personally I think there should be a Rumble Pit for guests/ppl partying up in FFA and lonewolves for no guests and NO partying up. How can I trust two people partying up are trying to kill each other?

Also, I miss TeamDoubles a lot, but I don't think I would enjoy doing that on complex\harvest. Id like it on the other slayer maps.

Has anyone noticed when you play games on the crimson dlc, it doesn't always search for players if they quit? Half the time I play harvest its some crappy 4 vs 2 match.

Also, why on earth do they design harvest for a 6v6 match, which it is awesome for, but then when you play it in slayer, its 4v4, which is really too small and nowhere near as fun. Having it search for 2 more on this map is too complicated i guess, but what a waste!

Team regicide really needs to go!

Why is the crimon dlc the only playlist w variable gametypes? I actually liked how on h3 and in reach when oddball/king of the hill games would come up. I don't understand how oddball could hold a playlist by itself. I miss eliteslayer. Its fun to have options.

I also miss being able to change my vote. Not sure why its a huge problem, or why its so hard to make the game select a map at random when the voting is tied, instead of always choosing the furthest one to the left.

Trueskill rank would be nice to have back too. Nothing has been consistently competitive every game since H3 lonewolves.
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  3. This game would be so much better if there were more damn playlists.

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