Halo 4 has been labeled as inferior because of MLG? Really?

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User Info: BGSwizzle

4 years ago#61
I‘m going to say I told you so. The game needed a more competitive atmosphere. While keeping it‘s less competitive style. Some for both types of people. Why did it have to be more one way than the other? The people who stayed got their wishes and will act like they don‘t need us. Which is true, but who wants to support a game that won‘t listen to your needs as a consumer. Fun, is competitive. Competitive, is fun. No competitive spirits, no fun. Unless you‘re a 10 year old or you love skating through things with ease.
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User Info: WBH420

4 years ago#62
iRGush posted...
Its inferior because its a bad game. Given the decade long history with halo at MLG, it just furthur proves a point that this game sucks.

Why do you stay around these boards? Move on if you don't like this game buddy.
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User Info: Halo8mySoul

4 years ago#63
I very much enjoy Halo 4.
Apparently, the greater market share and other long time Halo fans, as well as MLG, do not share the same love that I have for this game.

I find it to be a nice blend and update of what I like about Halo, Battlefield, and CoD.
I am certainly in the minority, however.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft and 343 come up with for the "next" xbox.

I hope some of you aren't completely turned off by this title and give it a chance.

User Info: Jakobs_Fodder

4 years ago#64
I like the halo universe so much I even trudge through the titles that I am not ecstatic about (here's lookin at you Wars and ODST).

But I think that I rank Halo 4 pretty low on the totem pole.
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User Info: Bloodmoon77

4 years ago#65
The term "professional gamer" is so laughable. MLG is a joke anyway.

User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#66
Thank you, Bloodmoon77.
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User Info: thedeerzord

4 years ago#67
ODomm posted...
X250 posted...
ODomm posted...
ODomm posted...
I'm tired of people saying that so many players left.
It's not true. Just because there are 100k people on at a given time (Group A), that doesn't mean there are only 100k people still playing this game. Because look, those 100k people decide they don't have time to play the game tomorrow, so they don't. But wait, there are still 100k people on the next day (Group B)? How is this so? Oh, it's cause it's 100k different people. Then let's say both Group A and B don't play on the 3rd day cause they don't have the time. Wait a minute, something's up, there are still 100k people online. Well allow me to introduce you to Group C. So that's 300k different players right there, and let's talk about Groups D, E, F, and G. And don't even get me started about Groups H, I, J, and K. Ohhh no, those guys haha.

My point being that the 100k people online right now aren't the only people that still play this game.

All that means is that there was a MUCH MUCH larger portion of people playing at first who still quit.

This is a flawed argument.

It's the EXACT SAME THING WITH EVERY OTHER HALO GAME. Release week, eeeveryone is playing it. Yea! New Halo game. Then the daily population starts dropping off because people have other things to do. It has happened with every other- not even Halo- every other game in existence.

You say that a chunk of 40k daily players went to CoD? Ok, well that's strange, I wonder who would go play CoD instead of this. Oh wait, let me just go down my friends list.
Hmm... Black Ops II. Ok that's Jacob's friend (Jacob is 12, btw)... Jake's friend.... Jake's.......... Jake's friend......
Huh, everyone on my FL playing Black Ops II are my little brother's friends. Well, why is that? Oh yea, because Generation Z was brainwashed to play any CoD game, no matter what. Sci-Fi isn't a prominent genre of video games anymore when it comes to the younger crowds. All they want are realistic war sims, with guns from real life (which, btw lol CoD = Realistic?)

Now, am I affected by the mass migration of Generation Z to the new CoD game? Not at all.
Do I hail this mass migration because it means less immature players on Halo? Of course.

If I wanted to be called a n****r, I'd go play CoD. But for now, I'll just enjoy a little bit of Halo.

This message is so full of win. Everything you say is completely true.
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User Info: Jakobs_Fodder

4 years ago#68
Yup. Under 23 years old. Yup.
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User Info: deepshadow4125

4 years ago#69
MLG didn't purposefully drop it. 343 had contracts with Virgin Gaming which meant MLG couldn't do anything with Halo 4.
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User Info: Aurawhisperer

4 years ago#70
The story was great, but the multi company turned to ****. 343 hopefully is realizing that and is trying to fix it as much as possible before losing all their veteran fans and only gaining fans that dont know **** about halo.

This game isnt great. Compare to other halo games and tracked onto the master chief series, i still prefer halo 3 ocer this crap
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