Need DLC armor?

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User Info: aflyingpenguin

4 years ago#171
If you have a premium theme left I could take one. Thanks either way
GT: Blue Phobos

User Info: polankerboy

4 years ago#172
I'm guessing all the Pulse armor codes are gone? >_<
Phoenix Wright 1, 2, and 3 = Best DS games ever!

User Info: _Heimskr_

4 years ago#173
If you have any pulse armor codes left, I'd like one please

User Info: Seto_Ryu

4 years ago#174
I will play any amount of grif ball you desire for an arctic skin. Just pass me the ball sir.

User Info: davideus23

4 years ago#175
I would love any of the armor skins, but I would be happy with anything you sent! Thank you, kind sir. You are a champion among men for doing this at all.

User Info: blackninja4ever

4 years ago#176
fLiNo posted...
As you may have heard, I work at a certain video game store and have a lot of spare codes

I have codes for..

12x Blue Spartan Warrior Avatar
12x Ghost Avatar Prop
12x Forest Armor Skin
12x Battle Rifle Arctic Weapon Skin
12x Bulletproof Emblem
12x Premium Xbox 360 Theme
12x Pulse Armor Skin
12x Bonebreaker Emblem

Will mostly likely give them out, preferably one DLC code per person since I'd like everyone to get something (Will check your GameFAQ activity to filter out any alt accounts) As for the Pulse Armor Skins I'll give them to those who messaged me earlier this week, and may or may not have any left over.

I'd like a battle rifle arctic skin please. I'd be willing to trade you double xps if you want otherwise let me know if I can get one please.
Xbox GT: Beefsloth PSN: blackninjaforevr

User Info: ColdRemedy

4 years ago#177
Awesome job man!! If u have anything left would you be so kind and send one my way if not thanks anyway and great job hooking us up.
"Consumption is Evolution"

User Info: blackninja4ever

4 years ago#178
please let me know if you have any battle rifle skins left! I'd really really appreciate one, I pm'd you but im sure you are being flooded with them, so if you have some left let us know please and how many if you would. I have plenty of double xp caps and id pay it forward by giving those away for free if you helped me out!
Xbox GT: Beefsloth PSN: blackninjaforevr

User Info: LiquidBrick

4 years ago#179
Hey can I get in on this?
Anything leftover is cool.

Thanks in advance

User Info: Mc1ovn

4 years ago#180
I would like the Pulse skin or forest armor skin. Or whatever is left. Thanks!
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