New specializations not showing up

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User Info: sticks21

4 years ago#1
Anyone else having problems with the stalker and engineer specializations not appearing on the list? Just curious if their is some way to fix this. Thanks.

User Info: Frumpy88

4 years ago#2
I used one of them codes so I have them all but they didn't show up until I was ready to pick a new one at lvl 50. So maybe when u complete ur current spec. they will show up.
Just a guess

User Info: rincewind1990

4 years ago#3
Try going to dashboard a couple of times.

User Info: sticks21

4 years ago#4
Thanks, I'll give it a try. Sorry, I should of mentioned that I just hit lvl 70, and have operator and pioneer all finished. I still have wetworks and pathfinder to work with, but was just wondering why I didn't have the two new ones to choose from also.

User Info: SunSeekir

4 years ago#5
Yeah I'm having the same problem. I never received the specialization e-mail. So I had been stuck at Level 70 for quite some time. Then last week I finally got Pioneer and Pathfinder. Now I am at stuck Level 90.

Today I logged on hoping to continue with the two new specializations. But they aren't showing up. The new Spartan Ops episode is showing though.

So yes, I too cannot see the two new specializations yet. Engineer and Stalker I believe? If anyone else has the issue, or has a solution, please post.
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  3. New specializations not showing up

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