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User Info: ryan-stocks

4 years ago#1
Hey everyone so I have been playing Halo 4 a bunch and discovered that I am definitely a Halo 4 assassin. When I play, I am the patient one who chills in a dark spot or on a rooftop or bridge to await my unwary prey. And I've found myself becoming quite adept at it. But my main problem is other players who just run around and cause a bunch of chaos and immediately run in the direction of the slightest scent of an enemy. Now I'm not saying that this is bad. Everyone plays Halo differently and if that's what works for you, then I have no problem with that and I'm sure that now I'm gonna get a bunch of hate replies and be called a camper just by posting this. But for those of you reading this who can relate to me, please consider joining my team. My gamertag is amcsBreakingBad. Just send me a friend request and mention that you are interested in joining. This is NOT an MLG team, but if you consider yourself to be exceptional at either sniping of assassinating...or both, then send me a message. Spartans of any rank are allowed to join, but everyone considering joining must first play a few matches with me to prove that they are proficient snipers/assassins. Mics are strongly recommended and will be taken into consideration when choosing teammates, but they are not required.

User Info: L337_Muffen

4 years ago#2
For those that don't want their eyes to bleed form the wall of text, let me sum it up.

I am a patient player who is annoyed by randoms just running into the fray and making me loose, I am currently looking for a team of other patient players. Mics are recommended, and you will be tested.

Hope that helps, but no for me.
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GT: L337 Muffen
(message deleted)

User Info: forthnback

4 years ago#4
You ever hear of Assasin's Creed?
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User Info: ryan-stocks

4 years ago#5
Yes I have heard of Assassin's Creed. I happen to really enjoy the series and I am working on my 3rd replica Assassin's Creed MP map in the Halo 4 forge.
(message deleted)

User Info: RODlMUS_PRlME

4 years ago#7
bd0g5 posted...
please add me and send afew mesages thanks

bd0g5 posted...
yeah sure i have mastered the assassin playstyle gt: yppols

Troll posts, it's not his gamertag.

User Info: Sahduk

4 years ago#8
can i be assain lithibaetic
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User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#9
From: ryan-stocks | #001

oh lawdy
I've been known to write some pretty good stuff from time to time. Just ask the mods. They probably know me like a brother by now. -MIxeD

User Info: J0hn1337

4 years ago#10
I like chilling back with DMR and plasma pistol (to assist teammates for easier kills). Also like waiting/chasing around and hunting down vehicles and sticking them. :D It's sooo much fun. I use regeneration field perk too so i always keep that up for teammates. Am i a team player ? :))))

gt: abj57
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