Should friendly fire be removed from Griffball?

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  3. Should friendly fire be removed from Griffball?

User Info: Goro

4 years ago#11
X250 posted...
There should be an option to boot for betrayals (but definitely a larger number than usual, like around 7-10).
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User Info: gamefreaklover2

4 years ago#12
Silverosx posted...

Helps me sleep better at night listening to butthurt people and knowing I'll never be that mad.

Most betrayals in this game mode are accidents. Get over it. The hammer isn't as precise as the sword, and when 8 people run toward center map with it, collateral will happen.

ya thats when you sit back and wait then run in for it. So great see 6 or more bodys go flying.
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User Info: keyblade_lord

4 years ago#13
No because then I wouldn't be able to troll my friends.
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  3. Should friendly fire be removed from Griffball?

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