HACK: Spawning weapons?

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User Info: MrXentrix

4 years ago#1
I noticed in a game there was one fellow on the opposite team of course whom I saw using the Incineration Cannon far too many times. After a close examination through the theater, I noticed at some point when he exhausted his BR ammo, while being shot at with no weapons on the floor clear to pickup, he magically switches into a full ammo Incineration Cannon and blasts my team mate away.

I also noticed another time while playing Dominion, early in the game. Two guys on the opposing had Rocket Launchers right from the start of the game. There was no way we could storm inside especially when he had backup. I didn't examine that game through the theater but I did notice them having an usual supply of Rocket Launcher ammo. I know this is Dominion and the game does spawn Rocket ammo, but it's really random.

I have a feeling that there is some sort of hack to switch into any kind of weapon of your choice. Anyone else notice this?

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#2
He probably had a Game Genie
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User Info: sec713

4 years ago#3
I'd like to see this. You should add these videos to your file share. Provide some details on which players to pay attention to.
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User Info: megaman91985

4 years ago#4
Seen them do many things that were questionable. Like a needler where the first needle kills you. 2 sets of each vehicle on each teams spawning locations. There were times the vehicles were spawning much faster than usual.
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User Info: YellowPurple

4 years ago#5
Seen something fishy like this the other night. Some dude kept having full sniper ammo again and again after killing him. Didn't check it in forge though so no proof

User Info: MrXentrix

4 years ago#6
Okay I've uploaded it to my fileshare. The name of the file is 'cheater'. The player in question is 'OXDIABLO DOMXO' It's a 5 second clip which shows the player in question with almost no BR ammo left and he's got a binary rifle on his back. With no visibile weapon in sight, he suddenly switches to a Incineration Cannon from nowhere.

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User Info: MyBRbackfired

4 years ago#7
I might take a look later.

As for the 1 needle kill, everybody will say its just lag on your end, and the guy probably hit you with more on his screen. I've seen plenty of things like that happen to me where the other guy sent videos and his video was way different than what I witnessed on my tv. And I have pretty decent Internet. So why there is so much "lag" is a good question.
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User Info: tonxin1st

4 years ago#8
I.am pretty sure I saw someone running around with a binary rifle last night. Every time he died he had it again yet I never saw it on the ground
I have also noticed A LOT of low service rank players lately? Hackers have come out to play?

User Info: MrXentrix

4 years ago#9
Yeah I did notice a lot of low rank players lately.

User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#10
That's what all these random level 9s and crap are coming from, then?
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