How to completely avoid Join in Progress

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User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#21
Demigod_Elessar posted...
Eiffel posted...
Nice excuses there. You're that guy I play with all too often who hides around a corner when a lone opposing player approaches and lets me 1v1 them hoping that they will kill me with a sliver of health left so you can get the easy kill.

Your relatively high k/d with such a low win percentage tells me you are a k/d farmer who doesn't help the team. In slayer your k/d should be nowhere near that high with such a low win % if you are "good".

Get over yourself.

I love how you automatically assume that has got to be my playstyle, when I am usually in the top half (I would be so confident to say top 3) of my team for most of my Big Team Battles. I don't "hide", as you so boldly claim I must do. I am actually a rather smart Halo player. I utilize cover as best as possible, instead of standing out in the open for any and all enemy precision weapons to take me out. I don't mindlessly assault three or more enemies by myself (which usually would just end up in your very quick death). I am a cautious player, you could say. So that automatically means bad?

If an enemy assaults one of my teammates, I will assault him right back. Why would I wish for my teammate to die? If my teammate does die during the assault, what could I have done to prevent it? Would you rather me have that same enemy soldier kill me as well? So that argument makes no sense; becaue of course I am going to shoot any and all enemies that come within my sights, whether an ally is already shooting them or not. (For your information, I'm also victim to several stolen kills, if you wish to call it that?)

None of your claims had absolutely nothing to do with my original statment, which has to do with the horribly flawed Halotracker win rate stat. It takes disconnects, black screens, and JIP losses and automatically counts them as a loss. Hence why if you look at your stats, it shows "games started", "games completed", and "games won". Disconnects count in your "games started", but automatically count as a loss, for example. As for the Join In progress feature, I would say that 1 out of every 3 games I play are JIP. With maybe half of those JIP games where I am put on the already losing team. In which some cases I just quit right away.

So, taking my 287 games completed, with 171 games won, my more accurate win rate would be 60% (if my math is correct). And it still isn't nowhere near the best, but I never claimed to be a god tiered Halo player. You took my statement and made your own conclusions.

By the way, I am surprised to find out that my 1.86 KD ratio is high? I always assumed that was around the normal mark, with anything over 2, maybe 2.5 as being high (and thus the probability that they are KD farmers, if they have a KD that high, but a low win rate).

You could be the best damn Halo player in the whole world; that isn't going to stop or help a legit bad player on your team from getting only 3 kills on 15 deaths, or similar scenarios.

Everything you said here and in the post he quoted and responded to is correct.
Getting awfully tired of GameFAQs mods removing my posts for being "offensive" when I've done nothing wrong

User Info: Eiffel

4 years ago#22
Demigod Elissar, you are trying way too hard. All things being equal an average k/d would be a 1, it's always going to be a bit lower than that due to guest accounts/suicides, etc but it's around 1. Your k/d is quite a bit above average; not elite, but certainly above average.

JIP alone cannot explain why your win % is below 50% unless you and I are playing a different game. Most of the time I JIP early in the match and it's close, sometimes my team is losing and sometimes they are winning. It certainly doesn't determine the outcome of the game every time like you seem to think it does.

Bottom line, you are stat-whoring somehow if your k/d is as high as it is with a < 50% win rate. Are your "disconnects" actually rage quits? Stop trying to use JIP as an excuse because that ain't it.
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