Anyone up for a 1v1?

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User Info: natedude0903

4 years ago#21
KamikazeCactuar posted...
TC, you should download an Octagon map/gametype since the fileshare is working now. The user Fear Clinic has some good stuff.

IT WORKS? (caps)
GT: l DatAss l (those are L's)

User Info: Msheridan1990

4 years ago#22
xoAxelox posted...
Msheridan1990 posted...
I mite not b the best player on this bord (much better then u tho LOL) all im sayin is that im the number 1 contributer 2 this bord LOL

Does your head ever hurt from typing like an idiot all the time?

fixed omg it took my like 5 min to desipher that gibberish LOL
offical voice of the h4 community LOL

User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#23
I only 1v1 quickscope.

User Info: yoshiisback

4 years ago#24
As Sheridan's official agent, you must qualify to play him by first playing me.
XBL GT: Yoshi eats
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