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User Info: BluntsAllDay

4 years ago#1
So while playing today I was actually watching the kill came after my death and I noticed the enemies cross hairs turned red BEFORE I was coming around corners or was hidden behind some objects.. in game this doesn't happen when I aim at someone.. is this a glitch? Cheat? Or is it only happening in the replays? Has anyone else noticed this?

User Info: X250

4 years ago#2
Kill cam lags. Never rely on it for anythnig.

User Info: BluntsAllDay

4 years ago#3
I thought about lag.. I was just fired up thinking they had a cheat to turn the crosshair red before they even saw me

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#4
No. This has never happened to anyone ever.
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User Info: ShadowDragoonDX

4 years ago#5
343 should just nix the killcams altogether. If they're going to implement a feature that is laggy and half assed as it is now, then what's the point?
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User Info: Thekiller37

4 years ago#6
It really is just lag, what you see on their screen is not what they see on their screen.
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User Info: ffmasterjose

4 years ago#7
Yeah, they need to revamp the killcam system. I give 'em credit for putting one in, but its just not that helpful most of the time right now
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User Info: BluntsAllDay

4 years ago#8
It reminds me too much of CoD so does this stupid leveling system. I haven't played halo since halo 3 and when I saw how the leveling was I was pissed. Levels actually mattered then when u went up a level u felt like u actually did something.. not just finishing a match.. and when u lost a level...omg lose a level! Yea if u sucked it up for q couple games u went down!!! The good old days
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