Found a spartan ops plot hole(spoilers)

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User Info: XioJenesis

4 years ago#11
metroidman92 posted...
Covies take no prisoners?

Except they took Captain Keyes prisoner in Halo 1. Took Miranda and Johnson prisoner in Halo 2, took an entire Marine squad in Halo 2. Took Allers prisoner in Wars. Took Johnson AGAIN in 3 while still on earth, plus his squad of marines. Used human shields in Reach (not technically prisoners, but still.) Took Glassman in SpOps, as well as Thorne.

Yeah, they never take prisoners.

And that was the first time they took a prisoner, duh. That's why it was so strange when they found that Keyes was taken, because the Covenant NEVER took prisoners.
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User Info: MacDaMurderer

4 years ago#12
They took 5 soldiers prisoner with Keyes as well.
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