What weapons are your "main" and "main" enemies.

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  3. What weapons are your "main" and "main" enemies.

User Info: Cheyguy1211

4 years ago#1
There are plenty of weapons in Halo 4. I wanna know which one you like/use the most/get the most kills with, and which one you always seem to die against/hate. Also explain why. Mine are:
Best: Assault Rifle- I am a close range fighter, so AR fits me best. I know Shotgun or Scattershot would be better, but this is how I like it.

Worst: Boltshot-I suck with this weapon. And whenever I fight someone with this, I either get blindsided or I just don't kill them fast enough and they charge it all the way.

What's yours?

User Info: L337_Muffen

4 years ago#2
Best: My face; it's so ugly I just kill people with it.

Worst: Mirrors or anything that makes a reflection...I commit suicide.
Be careful around explosions, they're contagious.
GT: L337 Muffen

User Info: X250

4 years ago#3
Best: DMR

Worst: DMR
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  3. What weapons are your "main" and "main" enemies.

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