Friendly fire should be off in Grifball

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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#11
Phoenixmon2 posted...
Has it always been on? It's basically impossible to not kill team mates a few times, and I just lost a pretty good game because one of my team mates killed me when I was the last defender back and he sent the ball carrier the rest of the way to the goal.

Kind of a lame way for things to end.

No other wise it would be easier to take advantage of it ie boosting teammates

User Info: The_Lowlife

4 years ago#12
Betrayal can come in handy if your team ends up on the other side of the map and needs to get back to defend the goal quick.

User Info: Grimno

4 years ago#13
*gets the enemy ball carrier in an assasination, gets betrayed mid-animation, ball carrier lives, betrayer teammate gets killed, enemy scores point*

*starts hammering allies*
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User Info: DXLR8R

4 years ago#14
It's not impossible, you just have to be smart and watch your surroundings.

Don't swing if your teammate is right next to you, if he's closer, back up or flank around in case he doesn't get him.

And use the sword against someone with the ball people, don't kill a teammate when the guy with the ball is going to beat you down anyways and you take your teammate out as well.
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User Info: SpiduxxudipS

4 years ago#15
**** 'em, make your team mates part of your Killtrocities. It makes everyone feel closer as a unit, trust me.
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User Info: Goro

4 years ago#16
Can't turn friendly fire off cuz then the bad players start launching their runners like in halo 3. And as funny as that was when they couldn't figure out how I would stop it every time, it wouldn't be good. Just watch your radar and stay spread out. If you have to attack with teammates around, use sword or a melee attack.
GT: GaryBusey T33th

User Info: Phoenixmon2

4 years ago#17
some dude just sworded me to take the ball

and that wasn't the first time in just a few games that I was betrayed on purpose...****in lame man
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