If any game series needs a vote to kick option, it's this one

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User Info: double_oh

4 years ago#1
Seriously. Most people playing are either extremely bad or just playing to be dbags to their own team.
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User Info: gamefreaklover2

4 years ago#2
Ya sometime thats true why you need to find people to play with. The worst I ever do is sometimes run another teammate over by mistake. All so learn pick up the slack and kick some +++.
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User Info: Scooby510

4 years ago#3
Lil B is my friend.

User Info: BlueRunway05

4 years ago#4
Just for AFKers.
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User Info: el3ctricm3nk3y

4 years ago#5
The one thing id be ok with kicking is the person who gets butthurt that I got to the map ordnance quicker then them.

I had one person sticky nade me, then melee me off my sniping spot all while firing his dmr into the air to draw attention to me cus he wanted the sniper and i got there first. ...And when i go back from more timed sniper ammo drop, the guy took to a mongoose and chased me around. constantly honking the horn ... and ontop of it all he sent me a message about what i jerk i was.
to which i said, u madd. and that sent a deluge of nasty txts to where i blocked communications.

I can usually do 15-25 kills with a snipe and so i said lets see what this bozo can do. next round, same map... i make like im going to take the snipe again, but syke, i dont. He grabs it and I just follow him around like an inspector. He takes aim at the banshee. bang bang bang after loud bangs he empties the rifle hitting the ship 3 times... and then the mantis finished it off.
Howd I know that was going to be the case. Wasted all the ammo and didnt get one kill.
I amused myself enuff and went back to dmr n battle rifle.

If there was a kick button, mr sniper woulda got one.

User Info: sravankb

4 years ago#6
Not sure if it'd work, though. More often than not, there may not be other witnesses to what that other player did. In that case, it's not up to them to boot the guy based on the word of just one (maybe two) other people.

Plus, in a game like Halo, the community is mostly immature enough to find some way of misusing that system.

In my opinion, there need to be some changes made on the XBox side of things. The reputation system that they have needs to have more severe consequences towards people who have a low rating. Also, I don't care what anyone else says, but I kinda wish that that one rule about not selling M rated games to minors had actually passed.

These kids can certainly take the violence and other content of these games, but are certainly not mature enough to deal with the responsibility that comes with your anonymity on the internet. Hell, look at this board - there're full-grown adults here who behave like children in the name of "trolling", which honestly was never witty or funny anyways.
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User Info: sec713

4 years ago#7
I agree. If a person hates their team, they can just quit and move on to better things, with no penalty for quitting. On the other hand, if a team hates that one d-bag on their team, they're stuck with some fool who's afk or actively sabotaging their efforts. There really should be a boot option available. I think a simple majority rule vote like in the Left 4 Dead games would be sufficient.
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