Grifball question

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User Info: AndrewColin

4 years ago#1
Do the victories count towards and game type commendation? I haven.t been paying attention.

User Info: Hunter2hunted

4 years ago#2
I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain victories count towards the commendations, as do gravity hammer and energy sword kills.
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User Info: Godeskian

4 years ago#3
Yes they do.

It will count towards any challenge requiring a 'war games matchmaking'
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User Info: rockmanzero2012

4 years ago#4
Wins in Grifball don't count towards Oddball victories however beatdowns with the ball DO count for Oddball beatdowns. Go figure lol.
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User Info: AndrewColin

4 years ago#5
i know they dont count towards oddball, i was thinking they might count towards slayer victories like swat and team regicide do.
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