Anyone up for Co-op Legendary Campaign?

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User Info: Arcando_Wolf

4 years ago#1
I've just finished Dawn in Solo Legendary, it was difficult. I decides to do Co-op Legendary Campaign, I recommend to start from Requiem, but I can start over from Dawn instead for those who hasn't finished Dawn on Legendary. So anyone up for Co-op Legendary Campaign?

GT: Arcando Wolf

User Info: WarHead2011

4 years ago#2
Add me on xbl my gt is my SIG if your still on in a couple of hours ill be on to join u.
XBL Gamer Tag: Fliggaman
^ -add me!!!

User Info: Chrissyfly82

4 years ago#3
you can add me GT is Chriss82

User Info: Hero125

4 years ago#4
Im up for it tag is Hero125

User Info: asonuvagun

4 years ago#5
im down if you need one more

gtL callmegrimm
If I'm a child, Lois, then that makes you a pedophile. And I'll be damned if I'm going to stand here and be lectured by a pervert. -Peter Griffin-
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  3. Anyone up for Co-op Legendary Campaign?

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