Is there a gun that actually kills people when I shoot them?!?!

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User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#21
Phoenixmon2 posted...
EDarien posted...
Only precision weapons. A headshot with the AR, SR, SP, PP or BS (except for charged, which still doesn't care about shields/head) aren't one shot kills even if unshielded and headshot.. .

The Boltshot is headshot capable

Good point. I didn't know that until after reading this and then checking it out. Looks confirmed. So BS can also do a headshot, but it takes a full magazine, no charge shot, to take down a shield. Meaning you'll have to use the entire mag to drop the shield, then get the headshot on your 11th. Not so bueno. Especially since if you're in melee range, a charged shot is just easier OSK with it.

But, yeah, you're right which does increase its usefulness (slightly) in team games, much like the Carbine is useful as an assist machine.

User Info: ShoegazinSergio

4 years ago#22
Thanks guys, definitely working on this tonight when I play.

User Info: poopybritches

4 years ago#23
EDarien posted...
So, to clarify, only the DMR, BR, LR and Carbine can headshot.


Headshot capable weapons:

BR (Battle Rifle)
LR (LightRifle)
Boltshot (uncharged)
Sniper Rifle
Beam Rifle

The latter two will kill in one headshot regardless of shields.

Then there's the Binary rifle, which can OHKO with a shot to any part of the body regardless of shields, but which CAN get a headshot medal, so it technically a "headshot capable" weapon.

To OP:

And then there's these weapons that can OHKO without a headshot as long as you care close enough:

Boltshot (charged)
Energy Sword
Gravity Hammer

And then there's these which can OHKO from a distance:

Rocket Launcher
Fuel Rod Cannon
Sticky Detonator
Incineration Cannon
Plasma Grenade

And, as you can probably tell, that means a majority of weapons can OHKO or headshot.
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User Info: BillyBob_21

4 years ago#24
You need to use the scarab gun. Trust me on this.
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User Info: biohazard1775

4 years ago#25

User Info: pguy16

4 years ago#26
I was shooting terribly today too. So when I'm about to die I stuck them with grenades. Got the sticky bonus and from the grave points, which got me to first place that round.
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  3. Is there a gun that actually kills people when I shoot them?!?!

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