Team Doubles? More like Team Railguns

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User Info: BillyBob_21

4 years ago#11
More kills for me LOLOLOLOLOL
GT: reallypoopyface

User Info: blackninja4ever

4 years ago#12
Boo hoo that's how halo has been that's why u fight for the power weapons or let them in a trap
Xbox GT: Beefsloth PSN: blackninjaforevr

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#13
WrathofAchilles posted...
Hunter2hunted posted...
Team railguns sounds fun as hell. Hard enough to use them in a match as is.

It DOES sound fun as hell. Nothing more satisfying than getting a cross map rail kill on Ragnarok...especially if you're target is camoed.

Personally it's a little luck based at long range because you don't know when, where or if your target will move as you charge the shot but close to mid you shouldn't miss more than like 15%.

Easily my favorite ordinance weapon.

I made a gametype on release day that's Railguns only with 200% speed, 50% gravity and thrusters and played it on Ragnarok.
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