Need People. Campaign Legendary.

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User Info: DoctorWhiskey

4 years ago#11
jesus herbie christ, kid. he's teasing you.

but maaaaybe that means he likes you.

i'm pregnant.

User Info: Chrissyfly82

4 years ago#12
you can add me GT is Chriss82

User Info: The Meatman

The Meatman
4 years ago#13
Msheridan1990 has down syndrome. But his K/D ratio is above 1. He's one of the best on this board.
Do you like the taste of meat in your mouth?

User Info: SpiduxxudipS

4 years ago#14
Campaign on Legendary is easy for one person.
Growin up, low enough, musta sucked - Call me what? call me a Kluster***,
Thizz iz what it iz -- GT - Spidux

User Info: DirtBasedSoap

4 years ago#15
Rofl at TC
Posting from iPhone 6S.
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