I want a Halo game with __________ as the Protagonist.

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User Info: Travarkoth

4 years ago#1
(Fill in the blank)

Sgt. Johnson, anyone?
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User Info: RAGEface14

4 years ago#2

Make it a third-person game, too...
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User Info: Sephiroth9704

4 years ago#3
what about the rock...john cenea....HHH...sting....maybe arnold shwarzngetter....steve stallone...i dont knwo samus...link...mario (lol)....

User Info: SpiduxxudipS

4 years ago#4
I'd like a Sgt Johnson centered prequel similar to ODST. That would be pretty sweet. And if you don't think so, you're a communist.
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User Info: Jaidabecca

4 years ago#5
Honestly, I'd like either a Sgt. Johnson game or another ODST game with the same squad & same voice actors. No man-face Dare, though, please.
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User Info: barn0by

4 years ago#6
Jim Parsons
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User Info: LoneWolf4545

4 years ago#7
Bert Macklin
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User Info: Cpt_of_Industry

4 years ago#8
Charles Crosby Doyle
The Jersey Guy

User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#9
Duke Nukem
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User Info: Col_Biscuit

4 years ago#10
Keyes's ghost
Zombie Kat
The Warthog

Though Sgt Johnson would be sweet as a bad guy.
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  3. I want a Halo game with __________ as the Protagonist.

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