Question about the books.

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User Info: Am_I_Anonymous

4 years ago#11
TM-R posted...
denniedarko posted...
Thanks for the answers Elder and Muffen, I appreciate it. And the other two, who didn't bother to contribute anything, but instead tried to start something, yes, I am a Nerd.

Kind of your own fault. It is common knowledge that the real tough guys and gangsters nowdays hang around messageboards braggin and tff.

whuts yo set, sucka?
You're the one that's forging, fatso.

User Info: MysticKami

4 years ago#12
EDarien posted...
Not to hijack your topic, but it did remind me of something. Anyone else notice that Lasky looks much older in the FUD movie (CGI version, obviously) than he does in Halo 4, the game. Also, I thought Lasky was a lower rank than Captain earlier in the game and got promoted after the captain who ordered MC be arrested was denied and probably removed/left the ship for other career opportunities. But the movie he seems to be calling the shots and is the one to direct them to Requiem to save MC.

Just some confusion I got. Seemed, to me, related to these questions.

Thanks for anyone able to answer and does.

They mention in the FuD commentary that they cast Adult Lasky before they had finished modeling the in-game version. They assumed he'd be a bit older, but changed the model to match the voice actor. Chief and Lasky should both be around 40, but Lasky looks early 30s in game. Possibly to make him more friendly?
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