just lost 30k xp

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User Info: Liquid Snake2

Liquid Snake2
4 years ago#1
I finally completed the monthly challenge and the next game I get put into is laggy as **** so I quit out and I notice that I lost a level, going from 59 to 58, losing my Pioneer ADPT helmet making me go back to the default recruit helmet and also my 30k xp I just got from the challenge,
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User Info: xKeisukex

4 years ago#2
it's okay, becuz I remember losing about 50k xp total when I had double xp and it Halo would c*ck block me from getting anymore xp that day
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User Info: Mephysto

4 years ago#3
Could be worse... my Tracker re-skinned helmet that was supposed to unlock at rank 9 in the specialization didn't unlock, even after i completed that specialization and moved on to the next one. So now it will never be available for me ever.

I don't expect bugs like this in a AAA title.... son i am disappoint

User Info: Cpt_of_Industry

4 years ago#4
Triple A didn't make this game nub.
The Jersey Guy
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