Things you want changed, added, or removed for Halo 5

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User Info: Iluvurmomwc

4 years ago#1
The board is yours
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User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#2
Added: Better servers and falcons and pelicans
Change: Shorter respawn time
Removed: Exile, complex, and abandoned
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User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#3
Only things I'd change are weapon drop frequencies (more variety instead of the usual sniper, needler, overshield otions), map rotation frequencies and maybe unlock more than just armor.
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User Info: Samurai162

4 years ago#4
I wish they would add the death screams and moans back in, that made Halo fun for me because it sounded so stupid it was funny.

User Info: GaMiNg eLiTe

GaMiNg eLiTe
4 years ago#5
Off the top of my head:

1. Remove the absurd panel that blocks all game input for everyone on the console when someone's controller turns off, only passable by pressing a button on the controller that obviously can't press buttons because it is off.

2. Change standard matchmaking playlists to have some variety (e.g. playlist with mixture of objective modes, playlist with mixture of Slayer variants, playlist with mixture of FFA modes, playlist with mixture of big team objective modes) and more 4v4 match-ups. Halo 3 was pretty good in this regard.

3. Put some effort back into custom games. I used to have a blast making custom modes for the older Halo games, but there's a rather limited amount to work with in this one, and some of the options don't even work.

4. Add a functional single-player map/mode test method. I don't even care if all it gives me is an "AI" player for each team who literally does nothing. I shouldn't have to pull in a friend or log in a guest just to test my custom objective modes.

There are plenty more, but I don't want to spend a lot of time on this.
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User Info: rubixcube10

4 years ago#6
A) Mic's -
I'm tired of getting countless players without Microphones.

Halo 3 started something good but never quite worked right. There was an option to only look for players with mic's on for you to join up with. This was an awesome idea. The only problem for halo 3 was, as the years went by everyone stopped wearing their mic's but still had the option checked to look for players with mic's. which became useless to me, the guy with a mic. Of course the introduction of party chat ruined the community. No sense going into a game with party chat. You've become useless to your teammates. If you see someone on with a mic. Please stop the chat and help out.

If 343 could use this idea and tweak it just a little bit, it would make the community more enjoyable. Example) everytime you turn halo 4 on, you have to check the option if you want to look for players with mic's.

Yes I know, that would invite in some trash talkers and annoying pre-teens but also the possibilities of bringing in teammates that are willing to work together and communicate and possibly form a powerhouse team.

B) Map Callouts
Halo Reach had an awesome idea with adding some map callouts into the maps so EVERYONE knew what the heck you were talking about. Problem was they only did this with a handful of the maps only and never continued with it. Powerhouse and Sword base come to mind. I don't know why they only did it with a few maps and not the rest but this was a really good idea. I've been used to callout everything since the halo 2 days. Most of the community knew the callouts due to the Emergence of the MLG tournaments that was shown on tv or internet. Or just from hearing people call it out when they were playing.

But 343 should definitely look into this. This would help the whole Halo community know what the callouts are for each map, beginner or skilled players would all be on the same page. This would lead to more teamwork and communication. Especially added with the 1st idea.

C) Capture the Flag
PLEASE BRING BACK 1 Flag!!!!. Yes multi flag is cool....if you have the 2 ideas above added to the games. Again most people don't wear mic's and communication is MANDATORY for capture the flag or any other objective games. Just 4 random guys playing like it's COD and just running and gunning. Oh yeah, there's 3 people guarding the flag and they go into the base 1 AT A TIME!! Frustrating.

343 NEEDS TO ADD 1 FLAG. With offense and defense rounds. You can at least kind of enjoy CTF with teammates without mic's. Everyone will at least be on the same page to play defense when it's time and might be smart enough to attack the flag TOGETHER.

I know there were a few others that I can't remember at the moment. But ALL of the above ideas need to be looked at by 343.

(I haven't tried capture the flag in a month, if they changed this, my bad)

D) Death X's
in most previous Halo games, there would be a big red X on the map for a few seconds after you died. This would allow you to call out where people were in comparison to your X (ie. 1 shot on my X). Now, all you get is a radar indicator, which is grossly insufficient. The red Xs when teammates die need to be added in.

E) Unscope
They need to bring back the unscope when you get hit.

F) Quick Respawns

There's more but can't think of them at the moment. And yes, even after all the things I want fixed from this game...I still play it.

User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#7
They have a yellow X but it's for allies and enemies who just died i confusing and helpful at the same time.
If tomorrow is yesterday and today is tomorrow then tomorrow is today. Gt: G4MECRUSHER101(all caps).

User Info: YoungSinatra25

4 years ago#8
Wow, a lot TBH. Lets start with turning the servers back over to Bungie, cause every previous Halo has had more stable and higher quality servers then Halo4. (except ODST fire fight)
Grenades now suck so lets improve that. Increase the lunge with melee. Reduce weighty feel of controls and improve response and decrease aim assist. ( by a lot) Give me a pistol with2 extra rounds.(this is arguable) Give me a reticle in another color other then blue. Remove bloom but introduce recoil. Increase all percision weapons RoF while decreasing accuracy under rapid fire. Boltshot charge uses the entire mag. The boltshot not be able to out shotgun the shotgun. Tweak power weapons, all of them. More, lots more. Too much infact. They need to blow me away next gen to keep me as a fan and get my gaming dollars.

Or simply reinvent Halo for the next gen. Take some pointers from Crysis on how a super soldier should be, but nothing else since Crysis isnt great on consoles...

User Info: SlaveZero40

4 years ago#9
+Make the grenades sound lethal again. Make the grenades actually work. Remove Grenade Indicators.

+Severely Nerf the Damn Boltshot. Greatly Reduce Range, Increase the spread, make it charge slower and not allow for players to manipulate the charge. The Boltshot should not compete/be better than every close range power weapon in the game.

+Tamper with the Ordinance Drop systems. It is ret@rded that I get punished because my teammates are horrible. Seems like every time I play the enemy team gets all of the good power weapons and my dumb teammates hand them straight to the enemy.

+Decrease Aim Assist(It's a little much)

Change the Active Camo. It's too weak in this game for CQC. In Reach it was a little OP but not gamebreaking like the Armor lock abuse. Active Camo needs to be a powerup pickup.

+FFA playlist with Regicide included. I'm sick of only playing crap regicide and those bum Promethean vision/Boltshot users ruin this game for me. They make using an AR/Suppressor/Storm rifle useless. I cannot rush to kill someone. Regicide only supports everyone ganging up on on guy and it is so hard to fight off people constantly running at the King especially with this BS Instant Respawn.

+Add a normal playlist with no Infinity Garbage or Boltshots or Armor Abilities.
Add Slayer Pro back. I loved Slayer Pro. It was the only Playlist that I didn't have to deal with people using crutches for wins. There also was no one abusing the power of the Boltshot in that playlist.

+If they can't do anything to fix the Boltshot then make it a weapon pickup or Remove it from the game.
Remove Promethean vision for Halo 5. It sees waaaayyy too FAR. On maps like Haven, Adrift, and Solace, It's OP. It should not be better than using a radar. Decent Sniper+PV=OP.

If any of these Problems are in Halo 5, well then, I'm done with FPS games. CoD is garbage and Battlefield is good but it is empty on Consoles. The Core gameplay of Halo 4 is good there are just these stupid minor annoyances about this game that I didn't have to face in other Halo games. It's not Nostagia because I loved this game on Release night where everyone had the same type of weapons, the maps are better than Reach's, and I didn't have to deal with people abusing the BOLTSHOT's cheap power.
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User Info: bd0g5

4 years ago#10
Release it with a ranking system.
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