Spartan Ops story still leaves a lot to be desired

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User Info: Phoenixmon2

4 years ago#1
I understand that these CGI cutscenes must be hard and expensive to produce, but the plot developments come so slowly, the plot feels incredibly simplistic.

I think this would be fixed by having the story during the actual gameplay be more relevant to what is going on in the cutscenes. I get that it would be even more work to make cutscenes in missions too...but would it be so hard to make a mission where Crimson actually advances the story, instead of waiting for the next week to see Majestic be the ones to set the next events in motion?

A few details bothered me the last couple weeks as well:

1. Last week, in episode 3, a captured Elite offers information in exchange for his life. Elites don't do that. They would rather kill themselves if captured by the enemy. Isn't that a pretty big part of their species? They are superstitious, extremely honorable warriors. They consider losing blood to be losing their honor.

2. After they kill Gek, they make Majestic act as if they've never seen active camo and energy swords before. They must really suck, because Crimson has killed thousands of Spec-ops elites...

3. Why did they send Thorne, the dude with no helmet and damaged armor, in by himself to save Halsey?

I think there were a few more things that didn't make sense, but w/e. The story is okay, I just wish it was a little more complex.

User Info: Exu

4 years ago#2
1. It has been known. Plus remember this is the Storm Covenant. Some Elites may be regretting their decision to join it?
As for cowardly Elites: 'Zuka Zamamee.

2. This I'll grant you. I guess Crimson may have been sent on more dangerous missions though after proving themselves. Palmer has repeated stated that Crimson is the "only team I can depend on" or "the best team for the job".
Hell, they didn't even bother calling Majestic back when the Infinity came under attack.

3. If you're sending a dude in to kill a bunch of Elites you send in the dude who already to kill a bunch of swordies after being caught with his pants down and is now in posession of a gadget that makes him invisible.
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User Info: King_of_Now

4 years ago#3
People will whine about literally anything these days, apparently.

User Info: krazyninjaman3

4 years ago#4
Yeah because whining about crappy plot development is not valid it appears!

For the record I really like Spartan Ops; but even I can see the plot has a bit to be desired!

I just treat it like a soap opera; with small incremental advances in story and plot that are to be expected. Only thing with this is that some of the story in the cutscenes advance more slowly then the actual gameplay. What I mean by this is that a cutscene will happen; then gameplay will occure cononically after, then the new cutscene will leave off right were the last one did, even though a few days should have passed between the two.

An example of this is when (SPOILERS) Halsey enters the librarian tube, then a few days pass in game time, then the new cutscene takes place with Halsey inside the librarian tube talking to the Librarian. Was she really in there for that long? I don't think so.

User Info: Blue_Chevalier

4 years ago#5
Crappy writing, bro. It's free. They only put effort when dollars are made.
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