Which of these would you choose?

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User Info: elitewarrior500

4 years ago#31
mongoose cause it be fun and really its no different than paying for your own car
GT: Ceph Falco

User Info: IamChaCha

4 years ago#32
KageNoSenshi posted...
#26 IamChaCha Posted
A surprising number of users show no discerned disdain for dining with the Didact for dinner dates.

Amusing abuse of alliteration.

I suppose one could call it an "Alliteration Spree!" +10
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?

User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#33
Definitely 3. Even if it stalls out, those things fall like feathers anyway.
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  3. Which of these would you choose?

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