The Pulse grenade is underpowered because of grenade indicators.

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  3. The Pulse grenade is underpowered because of grenade indicators.

User Info: Scooby510

4 years ago#21
Swordsman23 posted...
They are mainly good for maps like King and Diaminon, if you want to seal an escape route or otherwise confuse. The Pulse is hugely effective vs sheilds. And it's good as a retreating weapon to throw down in a tight hallway, or multiples to cut off a path.

Generally, offensively it's terrible. It's just the lingering aspect of it that is useful for certain applications. It can never replace the frag grenade for sheer power and convience though.

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User Info: WrathofAchilles

4 years ago#22
I think someone mentioned it but the Pulse Grenade is only "underpowered" because you get one and must use a, (passive I think), ability to carry two. They work great if you have an AR or just use your precision rifle to wound, then throw the grenade and "kill" almost every time.

I think people just don't like it because there isn't the "throw and forget" feature like with Frags and the explosion is instant so you don't have to think/plan with it as much. With a pulse it's not so much getting a kill when it "explodes" it's about planning when the bloom goes off and not missing the window since if you throw it but it doesn't kill, the opponent usually has the time to be inside the sphere, kill you, then walk out of it before it detonates.

I just thought... what would your opinions be if they decreased the explosion time from the bloom time by half?
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User Info: Swordsman23

4 years ago#23
I don't really care about my spelling here. If I am spending more then a minute typing something, I'm wasting time I could use on my reports. XD

User Info: blackninja4ever

4 years ago#24
TC is right IMO. Frags don't kill ppl like they used too. So if we started with two pulses like frags n stickies without indicators the pulse is good for making a player lose some shield and forcing them into the open. They are nice on maps with levels because the expand upon impact on any surface which I find neat.
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User Info: SlaveZero40

4 years ago#25
It makes no sense that Spartans only spawn with one pulse grenade. It is nothing special and most maps in this game is so spaced out. They aren't even good as a distraction.
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User Info: Mr_arizona

4 years ago#26
I say give it the sticky feature so an enemy hit with it casts a area effect on him as he moves until he blows up. Then it could be useful and warrant only having 1 per spawn.
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  3. The Pulse grenade is underpowered because of grenade indicators.

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