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User Info: LoneWolf4545

4 years ago#11
They should have it so you can't join a game with 5 minutes left or if a certain score has been reached by one of the teams.

I'm all for join in progress because it has definitely helped my team out more than screwing me over. But it sucks to join in a game where it's almost over.

Though it shouldn't be used for any playlist that has rankings when they come out.
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User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#12
Maybe the player on the team with more people respawns once someone else on their team dies and the new dead player has to wait until another dies, etc.

Don't really agree with it though.
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User Info: iRGush

4 years ago#13
TMoney650 posted...
I'm sorry, that last post wasn't well-written...I've joined a lot of losing games, but they've nearly all been winnable, few blowouts.

Again though, you barely play, you haven't seen the worst of it at all.
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User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#14
wasn't TC one of the biggest defenders of JiP around launch?
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#15
If Halo had a good JiP system, it could be of great benefit.
Nothing pissed me off more way back when than when I was playing a good game of team slayer, having a good time, when 3 people on the other team quit. Halo then turns into a game of hide and seek. And it's boring as hell.

4's JiP could use a lot of work, but I can't even think of a super fair system at the moment. Maybe like mentioned before where JiP won't throw you into a match unless theres more than a certain amount of time left.
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User Info: espraile

4 years ago#16
I don't really get your point here - the situation would have been the same in older Halos except noone would have replaced the missing blue guy. Red would still be one person up.

Surely in the scenario you described then JIP is a good thing as the blue team will soon have level numbers again.
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User Info: SpikeTbear

4 years ago#17
I love JIP. This is probably because I was on the wrong end of many mass quitting/lagout events throughout 3 and Reach. It sucks being the only guy left on my team, with 8 people constantly hunting me down and spawnkilling. It caused me to stop playing Invasion unless I had a full team of friends. JIP solves this problem unless, of course, we're put into a lopsided game or one that's about to end. People have already pointed out that JIP should only put you into games that have a good amount of time left. However, I have joined losing games and come back to win plenty of times. Strangely, there's some glitch where you can't JIP on DLC maps most of the time.
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User Info: Asherlee10

4 years ago#18
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
wasn't TC one of the biggest defenders of JiP around launch?

I wouldn't say I was a supporter, but I didn't mind it and I still don't mind it that much. I am just aware of the issues that come with it.

SunDevil77 posted...
If Halo had a good JiP system, it could be of great benefit.

Exactly. It just needs to be tightened up. The idea is great, bad execution.
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