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User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#1
• Reduced the range of the Boltshot’s damage scaling over distance. The previous effective range for 1-hit kills was around 20-25'. The range has been reduced to 15'.
• Fixed an issue where modified loadouts were not being saved correctly.
• Fixed an issue where attempting to sprint while crouching using “hold to crouch” would cause players to be unable to shoot for 1-1.5 seconds.
• Fixed an issue where some players were not able to get into matches on new map/game variants after playlist updates.
• Fixed a DLC-related Join-in-Progress issue that kicked players back to the title screen.
• Fixed various issues regarding glitched Autosentry deployment.
• Fixed an issue where one player per session was unable to stay scoped with the Flagnum.
• Fixed an issue where clients playing multi-round matches were not propelled by Man Cannons after the first round on Wreckage.
• Fixed an issue for players who had licensed content for the specialization offer, and had the free Map Pack content, but did not have the Map Pass or Map Pack license by displaying a new error message: “You have Map Pack content that requires a license. Please purchase the War Games Map Pass, purchase the Map Pack individually, or delete the Map Pack content from your console.”

• Fixed issues with friendly fire against vehicles. If FF is disabled, damage/EMPs from friendly sources will no longer damage vehicles that are fully controlled by your team.
• Fixed an issue with where the Wraith secondary turret became disabled when shot with a Plasma Pistol. The feature has been updated to be consistent with previous Halo titles.
• Fixed a Mantis functionality exploit that allowed pilots to survive planted grenades.

Specific Game Modes
• Friendly fire turned off in Flood to prevent exploits.
• Fixed Flood character models to allow for Warthog and Mongoose use.
• Fixed an inconsistency with King of the Hill deathcam.
• Fixed an issue where the Grifball would get stuck in geometry and never respawn.
• Fixed the issue for Extraction where players did not regain full control of their character for extended periods of time after interacting with a site.
• Fixed multiple Extraction scoring issues, including an overtime fix that ensures that a victory will not be awarded to a team who is controlling the go-ahead extraction point when the game ends.

Custom Games
• Fixed an issue that did not allow players to create respawn timers or disable instant respawn in custom games.
• Fixed an issue on Shatter where players couldn’t start a custom Dominion game.
• Fixed an issue where the Ordnance game options reset when scrolling up or down in custom games.
• Fixed an issue where custom game descriptions did not appear in the “Settings” preview screen.
• Fixed inconsistencies and bugs in the final death cam for custom games.

Spartan Ops
• Fixed an issue where the “Dedicated to Crimson” Achievement could not be unlocked.
• Fixed an issue where players in Spartan Ops Episode 6 Mission 1 were able to look around before the vignette.

• Fixed a selection of issues where theater clips were missing map-specific audio, including ambient noise and announcer voice.
• Fixed File Share preview images for films and map variants.
• Fixed issues with in-game translations.
• Fixed title screen camera clipping.
• Fixed an issue with Forge pieces and the shadows they create.
• Fixed aliasing split screen HUD issues.
• Fixed an issue where some saved films of Forge games featured no Forge lighting.
• Fixed incorrect “change description” text in File Browser.
• Fixed assorted crashes.


User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#2
>no fix for flags deciding not to score
I was a Captain Grade 3 back in Halo 3 and every other incredibly good player out there who didnt hack was at least an officer-Lawfish66

User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#3
people are already starting to rant about not addressing custom game options/ forge issues/ ::insert weapon here:: nerfs/buffs. There are some nice things in there sure, but I would have liked to see some more custom game options added without a doubt.

So aside from the TU which comes sometime THIS WEEK, Bravo has kindly changed a few things according to the feedback people have been giving. One of favorite adjustments is to increase the scoring radius in Team Throwdown's CTF gametype. yaaaaaaaaaaay.

Read the bulletin, and familiarize yourself with what's to come shortly!

User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#4
lderivedx posted...
>no fix for flags deciding not to score

Based Bravo
In terms of playlist fixes, we’ll be adjusting the flag capture radius in CTF so that it behaves as normal come Monday.

Based Bravo's got you covered.

User Info: iliekdat

4 years ago#5
is this the entire thing or just some of it?

User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#6
wait so you called final charming? i think your flirting. tc is also a pedo. aware child agencies immediately - Shrub
GT: i derive dx

User Info: metalclash

4 years ago#7
barely any custom game fixes. disappointed. games been out for 4 months jesus modders have done more work

well, here's some hope for destiny
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User Info: xoAxelox

4 years ago#8
...no mechanic changes?

welp looks like halo 4 is still a flop fellas
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User Info: iliekdat

4 years ago#9
xoAxelox posted...
...no mechanic changes?

welp looks like halo 4 is still a flop fellas

what were you hoping for specifically, de-scoping?

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#10
Wow it's ****ing nothing
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