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Who would win, the Covenant or the Empire?

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  3. Who would win, the Covenant or the Empire?

User Info: truesaiyan309

4 years ago#1
In a fight for intergalactic domination would the Covenant (pre great schism) or the Empire from Star Wars.

User Info: HaloDad020508

4 years ago#2
Covies. Not even close.
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User Info: X250

4 years ago#3
I assume Boba Fett could take on the covenant alone.

Empire would win too.

Death Star > anything the covenant has.

User Info: magablaster17

4 years ago#4
Empire, they are way bigger.

User Info: L337_Muffen

4 years ago#5
HaloDad020508 posted...
Covies. Not even close.
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User Info: thedeerzord

4 years ago#6
With the empire not including the Death Star. The Covenant would win as they have glassing to there disposal and there active camouflage technology and the super units Scarabs and Hunters. Not to mention High Charity and the Dreadnought that can withstand anything.
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User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#7
10 Batmans
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User Info: JFKandLBJ

4 years ago#8
Lol, the Emperor's force lightning could destroy planets alone. He didn't even need a Deathstar, that was just a symbol of his power.

Empire>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>anything in Halo. Sorry, but Star Wars has had almost 40 years to perfect and polish their lore and universe. Nothin in Halo can rival that.
[\star wars fanboy]

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#9
I think you mean 40 years to ruin and crap all over their lore.
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User Info: BlueRunway05

4 years ago#10
jakethenoob posted...
1 Batman

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