Who would win, the Covenant or the Empire?

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User Info: ShadowPika

4 years ago#81
imthestuntman posted...
jwhudexnls posted...
10 spartans vs 10 jedi knights, who wins? and I mean jedi knights, not masters.

The jedi master vs jedi knight destinction is a strange line. Within star wars prior to be coming a jedi knight kyp durron had exceptional power in the force, meaning the title reflects more than sheer power.

For the purpose of this i will define it As a jedi of average ability, as rank is really more than power.

Unfortunately a jedi would win this fight easily. The degree of enhancement granted to even an average jedi through the force greatly surpasses the enhancements to spartans, allowing not just heightened speed, strength, and reflexes, but a degree of precognition in battle. And this is a skill learned very early on by jedi. Remember the younglings practicing with remotes in episode 2?

While the spartan does have substantial Strengths the force largely nullifies most of them, with the jedi able to yank weapons out of line preventing them from being aimed properly, or in the case of weaker weapons merely blocking them (non paser weapons canoically can still be blocked, but not deflected by a lightsaber)

Since a jedi would mot use the force to kill a spartan this is the part where i am forced to draw a comparison, and due to a gap in knowledge on my part i am forced to interpret a gameplay mechanic as cannon. This being that an energy sword is capable of piercing spartan mjolr armor and killing the spartan inside.

Functionally speaking a lightsaber and energy sword are more or less operating the same, both being a blade of plasma, though differing in shape. Based on the in game oberserved effectiveness of energy swords against mjolnir armor it is safe to say a lightsaber would be able to pierce it.

Plus, don't forget that a jedi only becomes a master after successfully training at least one padawan to knighthood.
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