This game is actually better now.

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User Info: sdchi

4 years ago#11
Demigod_Elessar posted...
sdchi posted...
The removal of friendly fire on vehicles is a terrible change. Where do those pre set loadouts apply? I played a game of Big Team a few minutes ago and everyone had plasma pistols/grenades.

From 3pm to about 9-10pm today (CST here), the Halo 4 "servers" were down. While people could still play, the only loadouts were an Assault Rifle or DMR, with magnums, frag grenades, and everything set to default. This is what we're referring to.

Oh. Thanks.

User Info: KIngdomSora50

4 years ago#12
1GATORFAN posted...
What's PP? Just got the game yesterday

Plasma Pistol.

User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#13
KIngdomSora50 posted...
We now only have pre set loadouts to choose from, meaning no Boltshot, PP or Plasma grenades!

team throwdown is great i can at least say they are trying now we just need some multi team and i am good
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