When are they going to fix disappearing weapons?

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User Info: That1Guyy

4 years ago#11
You shouldn't be camping with a sniper, because you should be constantly repositioning yourself to be in a power position over the other team, and unless the other team is full of idiots, they won't keep going to the same place over and over. If you don't have to move, yet you constantly hold power over the other team, you're either in a very vulnerable position, and thus complaining about camping means the other guy is terrible, or the map you're on is poorly designed and you should complain to 343 for being terrible developers.

With regard to the topic, this "feature" is seen as a positive, so it's never going to get fixed. 343 can't do anything to harm their special new gametypes that they thought up all on their own.
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User Info: BigCatFive

4 years ago#12
The topic title infers that 343 cares. Time to wake up, and preorder Destiny. Halo is dead. It is all just a money grab now. I plan on boycotting 5, since there is inevitably going to be a 6. Six might be worth it. I can already see the issues with making a rushed Halo 5 for the next gen console. I do have some hope for 6 for some strange reason.
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  3. When are they going to fix disappearing weapons?

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