Why does halo never take off his helmet?

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User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#31
My dad works for 343 and he got me Halo 5 and John Halo is actually a robot
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User Info: RAGEface14

4 years ago#32
krazyninjaman3 posted...
Because if he took off his helmet, there would just be.....

..... another helmet underneath!

It's funny you'd say that, because in Halo: CE PC, in the end of the campaign Chief takes off his helmet and the camera pans up so you can't see his head. Modders found a way to rotate the camera, and it revealed that after taking off the helmet, there was another underneath.
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User Info: elitewarrior500

4 years ago#33
GT: Ceph Falco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2lQvkcUL78

User Info: Blizzard09

4 years ago#34
He's a ginger.... Its in his best interest to leave it on.
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User Info: jester48

4 years ago#35
On the one hand, I love Ronald Jenkees. On the other, this topic blows.
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User Info: dragnon

4 years ago#36
It's to prevent Cortana from becoming pregnant.

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