Halsey will bribe master chief...(spoilers)

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User Info: Doubleglock18

4 years ago#41
Patchwork posted...
Chief and a few returning S-II's vs. S-III's and ONI.

Take my money.

c'mon that's not even a fight. the ridiculous odds Chief alone takes on seemingly regularly are a bigger challenge.
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User Info: Poppadop

4 years ago#42
N3xtG3nGam3r posted...
In the wiki it says noble team takes cortana to the pillar of autumn, and a fragment is left behind to analyze forerunner artifacts. Noble team dies after the delivery, so how could the fragment be moved by them?

I'm not sure if you're talking about the Halopedia or Halo.wikia [pedia is better], but Noble Team didn't have Cortana. That was the fragment analyzing Forerunner artifacts. Cortana's main program was with Chief and the PoA getting ready for RED FLAG [see: The Fall of Reach].

On another note, if there ends up being a split in loyalty like the one guy mentioned, and the fragment is at ONIs base on reach, then ONI could weaponize cortana against chief and the others who go "rogue".

That depends if the UNSC can now make full "smart" AIs from just fragments. They'd probably be better off using one of their own AIs like BB.

I really can see this happening as the power shifted at ONI and they outed Halsey from they're program. They will probably try to decommission all Spartans (before infinitys new breed) due to their loyalties to Halsey. Spartan 4 assassin teams being thrown at you.

I'd say that was crazy, but this is ONI we're talking about. The S-IIIs should be okay, though. Halsey wasn't directly involved with them, yet they might sympathize with her via Kurt.

Gameplay would be pretty fresh too fighting humans for once. I always had fun in halo ce murdering my allies until they turned on me and then battling them.

This I can agree would be an interesting twist for the series and Chief's character. Remember that the S-IIs were created to stop humans threatening the UNSC.

Doubleglock18 posted...
that being said, Chief, in the books i read anyway, has always been extremely loyal to the UNSC and humanity as a whole, so i doubt he would betray them except in the most extreme of circumstances, like aliens take over the government or something extreme.

True, but to paraphrase Halsey: Is he a puppet or is he a Spartan? When Chief learns that ONI's been sabotaging Hood and the Arbiter's attempts at peace and that while trying to find Halsey, she was likely aboard the Infinity thanks to ONI, he'll have to question what's in the UNSC's best interests. I mean, he already didn't disclose Johnson's Flood immunity because ONI would likely dissect the poor guy. He knows ONI isn't made up of the best of folks.
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

4 years ago#43
^^good feedback pop. How do u know all this stuff about ONI and sabotaging peace, etc?
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User Info: Poppadop

4 years ago#44
^ A lot of the back story on ONI, Osman, and the post-war period is in the Kilo-Five Trilogy.

You may want to read the novels instead of Halopedia , but Traviss is a fanfic writer that's somehow tricked publishers into thinking she's a legitimate author. Her books have their good moments, but it's not a net positive.
"Today, science fiction - tomorrow, science fact." ~ Isaac Asimov
"What's the point of living if you don't believe in anything?" ~ Me
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User Info: Blizzard09

4 years ago#46
Master chief will go against the UNSC, but only to get to Halsey. It own't be because she bribes him or anything. She is literally the only person that try and give back the one thing he cared about the most. He will turn on the UNSC to try and get to Halsey because there maybe a chance she can get Cortana back in some way.

Master Chief has showed he don't care about command when it comes to doing what he thinks is right.
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User Info: Poppadop

4 years ago#47
^ That's a little extreme, yeah? Betray the system and people he has wanted to protect since childhood to try and bring back the AI emulating his mother figure which has been sharing his brain for [effectively] four months? I'm not even sure if Chief would do this for another S-II.
"Today, science fiction - tomorrow, science fact." ~ Isaac Asimov
"What's the point of living if you don't believe in anything?" ~ Me
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